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Best Freestanding Bathtubs of 2019: Relaxing in Style!

Following those interior design Instagram pages has done a number on us, and now we’re aching to redecorate our bathroom. However, a built-in bathtub limits our creativity and having one means we cannot really choose where to place other things. But as with... read more

Best Ductless Air Conditioner of 2019: Cooling the Entire House!

Of all the appliances out there, many people consider an air conditioner to be an absolute necessity during summer. Ductless air conditioners grew in popularity due to their efficient cooling performance. Not only are they quieter than traditional window ACs, but they... read more

Best Acrylic Bathtub of 2019: Alcove, Corner, or Drop-in?

Bathing represents our sacred me-time; the time when we unwind and forget all about the outside problems. But a good bathing experience implies having a good bathtub to begin with. Bathtubs come in a variety of materials and one of the most popular is acrylic. ... read more

Best Cooling Comforter of 2019: Night Sweats Be Gone!

In order to stay healthy, it’s really important to get sleep. Insufficient sleep can affect our immune system and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. The right temperature has a significant impact on the quality of our sleep, so it can be hard to get enough... read more

Best Portable Evaporative Cooler of 2019: Better than A/C?

We all enjoy summer, but sometimes the searing heat can be suffocating. If you live in an area with a hot and dry climate, staying cool when everything is practically burning outside can be a challenge. Our first instinct would be to get an A/C, but that will increase... read more

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